Thursday, February 04, 2016

ChibiChains - The resurrection

Going to toot my daughter's horn today. Like, why not, right?  :-P
Anyway, as some of you might already know, Drew creates chainmail jewelry and uses Chibi Chains for her brand name. She does some truly fabulous work, too!
Well her old website just didn't seem to be robust enough for what she really needed - so now we've moved her to wordpress and found an awesome plugin from WP-EasyCart.
So far she's only got the Bracelet's section complete - but it's worth showing off now!  8-)
Chibichains Index Page
This is the top front of the store. Has a decent slider showing a few teaser pics. Pretty!

Here's the current bottom of the index page. There's probably a category or more to add to the list. Though currently only Bracelets has been finished. (Between the photo taking, setting up each weave, and descriptions and more - it takes a while to get it all together!)

This is how the category page looks. Showing a 3 column setup for all the items in a category. (Sorted by name - though shoppers and change that for their viewing pleasure. )   ;-)
This is the Quickview of one of the bracelets. So you get a little more info.

This is the full detail page. Shows you all the lovely options you can pick from. Color 1 and Color 2, there's a spot to mention you'd like a 3rd color (Like the bracelet in the pic). The length and Ring Size (for the chainmail rings not your finger. Heh heh) and how many you want. Super nice!
She wanted the store to be as big and wide as possible, so all the extra stuff is in the footers. You can search by name, weave, etc. Find Drew on social media. Sign up for her newsletter so you can always know what's new. And a login screen. I believe it is even linked to Facebook so you don't have to create YET another log in.  :twisted:
Anyway, I wanted to share, I you have time, it'd be awesome if you'd stop on by. The store is functional (even if all that's out there is bracelets)! Chainmail makes for truly unique gifts!
And Valentine's Day is fast approaching. *hint hint* :mrgreen:

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