Friday, April 13, 2012

Supernatural Plushies of Sam and Dean Winchester!

A buddy of mine is creating original jewelry and 8 inch plush dolls as Belaurient Arts. When I heard she'd started taking requests on the plush dolls, and that she was doing some on different TV characters (Sherlock, Dr Who), and seeing how utterly cute they were, I hatched the EVIL PLAN for a friend of mine down in OZ who loves the TV Show Supernatural.

I've been waiting and waiting for them to get to her before I shared these awesome dolls with the world! And now that I've freaked her out, I can! Hee hee!

Dean Winchester! With his smirk and amulet even!

Sam Winchester! Serious look and long locks of hair! 

Super detailed. You can't tell my my pic unless you click on the bigger version, but she gave him his freckles! 

Oh yeah, they have the proof against possession tattoos! 

Dean even has his hand print burn for when Castiel brought him up from below!

Are they cute or what?!?!?! 

And she's planning on doing a Castiel doll as well. Squee!

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