Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope 8/20/14 - Animefest 2014

Greetings, all!

This past weekend was Animefest! A couple of weeks earlier than normal, but they still went for a four day convention. Lots of amazing costumes abounded all over.

A couple of panoramic views from our corner of the Dealers Room. 

Tried to put a little more of us into this one. Heh

That is one large umbrella. 


Great place to watch from, but if I blinked I missed stuff. Doh!

Threatened by a horse head on a stick. Heh heh.

Too cute!

She'd bought her corset from our neighbor but hours before. She did amazing things with it! Looked fabulous!

Sailor Moon and three Tuxedo Kamens! Woot!

Isn't she adorable?

Teddy too. Hee!

My pic does not do his outfit justice. He has led lights, tubes, and more.

Even Death must wait for the elevator like the rest of us. 

Great Dragonball Z Costume. Even has his tail.

Such nice costumes!

The Foot Clan! See how their evil ninja skills blurred my pic? Heh heh

Could never get a good angle on this one. He had eyes on the wings. Looked super cool.

The Tick's sidekicks for the win!

See, I tried again. lol.

A gaggle of Deadpools. He was super popular. Still have no idea why some of them had on bikinis.

Doesn't he look ominous?!

She was so cute! Paws, ears, and a tail! 

And a friend to hug as well. 

Heroines a plenty

Look at that giant weapon. Impressive.

Ruby Rod and Lilu Multipass! Woot!

Look at the super detail in this costume. Wow!

Demons in leather and chain - Oh my!

Have fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 8/17/14

Let's see if my plans work out...

Arcadia's Floating Temple

Truly beautiful temple

The goddess tells me things are not as they seem

Urges me to be careful

Hm, last shot going back to the Cliffs? We've forgotten something somewhere. Heh

Val Aureum

Some great views as we fly in


Really neat little place

Loved their water maker

Looking down into the mine area not far from Chebika

Some strange and cool stuff here.

Neat, no?

And some definitely creepy areas. 

Very creepy

Teleporter Door deep in the mines

Closer look at the teleporter

Mystery man

Horns all over the place!

Day 3 at Animefest! Heh heh

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope 8/13/14 - Dallas ComicCon Fan Appreciation Day and more

Morning all!
Lots of awesome sunrises lately.

Flying Saucer Sunrise.

Or giant eye with lashes. She just winked! :)

Used the panorama function as the sky looked too good. This came out quite nice!

Lots of subdued colors.

Did I get carried away? Naw.

The dragon rises.

Molten honey or a sunny side up egg?

Lots of colors!

Wake up!

This past weekend was Dallas ComicCon's Fan Appreciation Day at the Irving Convention Center. Since it was just 1 day, I didn't expect much on the costume department. I couldn't have been more wrong. I curse the fact I forgot to charge up my phone!

Doesn't he look awesome? And on stilts too!

Tried to catch the rising rainbow led lights inside the helmet, but failed.

A lady brought her pig to the show! He was adorable. Not a pot belly, but I can't remember the breed she told me. Argh. But he was cute and super well behaved.

One of the local Halloween outfits is going to do a Japanese themed haunted house this year. Here's some of their group all dressed up. They look AWESOME!

The oni and tengu look fantastic!

Animal!!!!  (The little kids loved her! lol)

More molten sky goodness.

Melting butter....mmmmm

Super puffy stuff.

Have an awesome day!