Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ConDFW Schedule for 2/13-2/15/15

Where: Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center
Author Guests of Honor: Sherwood Smith and Rachel Manija Brown
Artist Guest of Honor: Galen Dara

Here's my schedule for ConDFW!

Friday, 5pm: Interstellar Archaeology: Part One – Initial Findings
Panelists: John DeLaughter (M), Julia S. Mandala, Michelle Muenzler, Gloria Oliver, Stephen Patrick, Frank Summers
The first of two panels where we inflict discover startling artifacts of OBVIOUS alien origin and our
esteemed (and indeed, TRAINED) archeologists in turn tell us what the artifacts are.  Light hearted fun, and bring ear plugs!  This year we will take a Star Wars theme.  ROOOOOOAR!

Saturday, 11am: The “Frozen” Phenomenon
Panelists: Gloria Oliver (M), Mary Gearhart‐Gray, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Rhonda Eudaly, T. M. Hunter
There have been more and more animated movies (and regular movies, for that matter!) that feature
female leads which are exceptionally strong.  The most recent of these was Frozen, and girls, even very
young girls, are reacting strongly to the relationships between the female leads and the music in this
movie.  What's up?  There is not the usual Disney "princess" thing going on with these girls. The reaction is different and worthy of being discussed.

Saturday, 4pm: Animals in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Panelists: Dusty Rainbolt (M), J. Kathleen Cheney, Martha Wells, Gloria Oliver, Bradley H. Sinor
Fear the cute little rabbit.  Hear the roar of dragons.  Most of all, run really fast if you see the Cheshire Cat.  Animals have been present in stories even in Viking sagas.  But these cute little critters are often overlooked, and it’s time we rectified this.  From David Weber’s treecats to Anne McCaffery’s dragons there are many examples of animals, intelligent or not.  Our panelists discuss these topics and more.  Beware of Grumpy Cat!

Sunday, 1pm: John DeLaughter, Gloria Oliver

Hope to see ya'll there!

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