Sunday, February 15, 2015

Virtual Tourist - TERA 2/15/15

Lordy! 2 Cons back to back and doing 11.5 hours a day at the day job! Eek!
(Pretty much why I fell off the face of the Earth this past week. DOH!)


Isn't she just the CUTEST thing EVER?!

Too darn CUTE!

That is one cool banner, no?

Love the detail on this wooden structure.

Looks like an evil torpedo about to drill to the planet's core. Heh heh

Some nasty ladies!

The flowers almost glow here. Not bright enough to hide from the mean guy though.

Cool auroras. Though I have to say the surroundings are not inviting at all! lol

Interesting formations too!

Flower power!

I do love me some intricate stone carvings. :)

Rather daunting, no?


Lovely attire on the merchant. Nice

Here, kitty, kitty!

Love the new mount. Gift from the game. He even speeds regeneration. 

Isn't he adorable? Purrrrrr.

Hope your week is less insane than mine!

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