Sunday, January 25, 2015

Virtual Tourist - Sherlock Holmes C & P 1/25/15

Figured I would share some more Sherlock pics this morning.

Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment
Kew Gardens Mystery
Divine Syndicate Compound

This is inside the main building/temple. Isn't it cool?

Love that tree. The lanterns and other decorations looked so nice.

There he is - the Divine Syndicate's Tree God. 

Aren't the sliding doors just too awesome?

Laboratory behind a locked door.

Wooden sliding cabinets. Pretty!

Look at that lattice work over and under the glass for their small indoor greenhouse. Nice!

View from inside to the outside. 

This one includes the awesome doors. So pretty!!!

221B Baker Street. 

Sherlock's lab table - I thought it adorable the decor had touches from the novelized cases.

Kew Gardens

The lab/workspace at Kew Gardens and the elusive Miss White.

May you be fully reenergized today for the new work week ahead! :)

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