Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope 12/24/14

Morning all!

Skipped my blog post last week, which was a sad thing. As I really tried! Been working way too much lately... Waaaahhhh

This week I'll be sharing random photos I've been popping here and there. :)

Before - look at those reds! Here in Texas we normally get a tinge of color then a hard freeze comes through and all the leaves are gone. This fall has been a lot more colorful and lovely than usual. Yay!

Same trees once naked. Eek!

The nieces and nephews avoiding the adults at Thanksgiving. Heh heh. Loved how the doorway just framed them perfectly. :)

Daystar! Ahhhhh!

It's amazing how fast the sun sets.

He's a little shy.

Don't run away!

And it's almost gone.

Is this not the coolest fan ever?!?! Gorgeous!

Some really lovely colors in the clouds that morning. (Was on my way to work - on the weekend. Both days. Waaaaahhhhh)

Have an awesome Christmas Eve!

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