Monday, December 22, 2014

Mind Sieve 12/22/14

Yes, the lameness continues! Short post once more. Waaaahhhh

Fan Fun!

A Little Chaos Trailer #1 - Ohhhh! Great cast, interesting premise, Alan Rickman as Louie XIV - I am so there!

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter Trailer - can't tell from the preview, but supposedly she finds a copy of the movie "Fargo" and decides it is a treasure map. lol. Should be bizarre!

The Phoenix Project Trailer - reanimation! Need to see more...

And a special treat - nothing says Christmas like Christmas lights set to Star Wars music! Best of Star Wars Music Christmas Light Show 2014 - Booyah! The longer you watch, the more cool stuff they do. :)

Hope you and yours have a great holiday week! Happy Holidays to All!

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