Sunday, September 07, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 9/7/14

Morning all!

Jagged Coast

More evil crabs!

Shipwreck off the beach

Cute little hut at the edge of town

Mist Moor Island

Beasties everywhere!

Some funky cliff decorations


They're everywhere!

Shallow sea crossing to Mist Moor Island

Ascension Valley

Bigger cliff decorations. 

Azarel's Labyrinth

Spooky looking even from far off, no?

Definitely spooky looking. :P

Inside the giant halls of Azarel's Labyrinth

Some lovely gold decorations

Spooky looking staicase. Notice the eye over the far entry. They are watching you!

Main hall area with a ton of connecting hallways. So pretty!

Cool carvings on the walls.

Backside of the main hall.

Lovely friends to ask directions from - NOT!

Have a great day!

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