Monday, September 08, 2014

Mind Sieve 9/8/14


Fan Fun

Simon's Cat - Washed Up - poor Simon. lol. 

The Librarians - New TNT series based off of the original movies. Could be fun!

Inner Demons - Of course someone comes out with a movie using a title of a book I released this year. lol. And weirdly enough, we both thought of it for the same inner meanings. Heh heh. Mine's urban fantasy and not so much horror though. Heh.

The Pyramid Trailer - a 3 sided not, 4 sided pyramid discovered in the desert and is deep rather than above ground. Nice! Hello D&D Dungeon of Doom! 

Writing Advice

5 Tips For Long-Term Writing Success from Kristen Lamb.

How to Make Sure Readers Don't Close The Book by Jami Gold. Her top 3's are mine too. I've read beautifully worded stuff that bad character actions and illogical buildups made me put it down never to return.

No social media stuff this week. Ran out of time. :(

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