Sunday, June 29, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 6/29/14

Working hard at SoonerCon, but prepped this ahead of time just for ya'll! :)

Heading to the City!

Goodbye Tower - welcome pegasus airways!

Breathtaking view during the flight too!

Do love those falls!

Air view of the Tower area

TERA's sky. Has like a giant pentagram sketched in it. Very cool!

Travel gate.

Between gates. (Hum Dr Who Theme)

Main City - the pegasus does a nice round about so you get a good look.

Awesome place.

Looks like a true city doesn't it?

Final pass toward the landing pad.

Inside the main travel room

Love the super detail!

The city awaits!

Look at all the cool stone work. 

Big honcho. Begs my help then insults me. What's up with that?

Yes, he's a big boy. And my clothes are getting skimpier. But are kinda cool!

Really so cool.

Oh, this is hubby. He's adorable!

One of the crafting halls.

No idea what he's supposed to be! Disco Duck? (A mount)

Crafting zone exterior.

Lok at that stone work! Drool.

Have a great Sunday!

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