Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope - SoonerCon and More 7/2/14

Running late!
For some reason keeping to schedule is proving very hard this year. o.O

Texas does have such an awesome sky. 

Something different all the time. Just wish the pictures could do them justice. :)

Like a tucked away bit of light.

This one came out a bit surreal. Cool!

This is from the top of the 4th floor. And there were the lights poking at the top. 

My daughter's steampunk earrings for Sooner Con. One of every color. Heh heh

Scientist and fun guys - Delaughter. Kills me that he found a shirt to match the skid! Heh heh

Some really great costumes for such a small show. Missed a lot of shots with the phone being dead on Friday. :(

Star Wars and Star Trek CAN mix! Heh heh

Lando and Friends! He really did look like Billy Dee Williams doppelganger!

My daughter corrupted one of the guest artits - Matt Franks - and so we got Chun Li Godzilla! Isn't it AWESOME?! Heh heh

Have a great 4th of July everyone!

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