Sunday, June 22, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Tera 6/22/14

Since Landmark blew up on me a couple of weeks ago, hubby and I went looking for something else to play. We found something...and it's gorgeous!

Newbie Zone

Part of the intro - you're flying with others to the island.

That's me. Warrior class that uses 2 swords. They have several races and not all what you'd call typical. There's little girls with different ears and tales as well as fat furry creatures. Weird stuff.

The world is GORGEOUS!

The Tower - a gigantic Sakura like tree.

Gateways to other areas - travel by Pegasus

Around the Tower. 

So cool!

Teleport receiving spot

Bishonen elf - so snooty but oh so pretty. :P

Spore monster

The waterfalls by the Tower

Just so pretty!

Crashed airship

Sea ships seem to have not had luck on the falls.

Dark area - teleporter leads to a boss zone. There is darkness encrounching.

Close up.

When we went into the boss zone, we got these super cute fairies for light! So CUTE!

The boss. Not so cute at all.

Look at that armor!

His lair.

We've been enjoying the game play pretty good. Free to play. Just be careful you don't pick a PVP server if that's not your thing. Also, lots of skimpy clothes. Game was definitely made with guys in mind. Hah!

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