Monday, June 23, 2014

Mind Sieve 6/23/14

Greetings peeps!

Fan Fun

Dear White People Trailer - this actually looks like it will be fun! lol.

The Judge Official Trailer - Oh hanky time! But it looks good!

Ragnarok Official Trailer - Monster movie! Not sure what to make of it. Heh.

Druid Peak Trailer - wolves! Oooo wolves!

Social Media/Author Platform

5 Free Content Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing from SocialMedia Examiner. Article by Kierra Stein.

How To Use Semantic Markup from the Social Media Examiner, Article by Ruth Burr Reedy. I did some stuff with this months and months ago. Don't know if it's helped any, but it is the way things are moving.

Writing Advice

Do You Discuss Your Work in Progress? by Jami Gold. Nice! Glad I don't have a widget though, the WIP has had no progress due to RL WORK! Waaaahhhh.

6 Steps to Balance Your Editing: Plot vs. Characters by Jami Gold. Excellent post!

Have a great week!

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