Sunday, March 02, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Thief 3/2/14

Morning, all!
(Overslept today! Nooooo)
As a player of the original Thief and all its incarnations, me and mine have been super pumped about getting to play Garrett again. Woot! (I've been totally jealous of my husband and daughter, they've been playing since Tuesday! I had to wait - to much to do! Waaaahhh) First person sneakers for the win!

A look at Garrett's city.

You start out in the middle of a robbery. The guy over there is only asleep. Luckily C (crouch) is something I am well acquainted with. Heh heh.  

My first look at the city streets.

The night sky.

They've now added birds to the game. Too much movement makes them squawk/sing. 


The opposite side of the bay.

You get some instruction as you go along. Rope arrows are BACK! Just can't really use them often.

Garrett's old pupil. She's way insecure and somewhat blood thirsty. Competitive too. 

View looking through key holes. The lock picking interface is kind of fun.

Citizens of the fair city.

Garrett himself.

Erin and I have a mission at the church

Here on the left you can see the tracking bubble (only 1 quest tracks at a time), and the darkness, health, and possibly focus meter. Noise is a factor too, just like in the original games. Oh yeah. 
On the right is an icon for water arrows. YES! They brought all 4 arrow types back - rope, water, fire, and moss.

Erin is looking down into the machinations below as we near our goal.

Meet the crazy dude.

Where they keep the jewel we were sent to get.

Yeah, things aren't looking good here.

Nooo definitely not. 

Tried to leave before things got too weird, but she was having none of it.

She fell through.

Right into the middle of the chaos.

Guess who falls in after her...

Then I wake up here. Yes, inside a cart pulled by two guys who've definitely seen better days. The city has changed. Disease is rampant. Abuse of power, too. Later I find out I've been missing an entire year...

I also find out I can do something I could not do before - Focus - which makes certain things glow or lets me concentrate.

The city as it looks now.

My current goal, the watch tower, my home.

So far we've been enjoying the game a lot. The art style is good, though kind of rough looking for people. Lots and lots of play with light. Looking forward to seeing how more of it is! And they have collections! Bwahahahaha!

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