Monday, March 03, 2014

Mind Sieve 3/3/14

Icemageddon 2 is upon us! We were just in the 70s a day or two ago!

Fan Fun

Let It Go (Disney's "Frozen") Vivaldi's Winter - from the Piano Guys (Was a perfect fit for today! lol)

Goodbye World Trailer - Ah yes, such cheery thoughts. heh heh.

In the Blood Trailer - action film with a female kick-ass who actually looks like it~! Sweet!

Godzilla Trailer - Oh YEAH!  You get a peak at him! Love them ridges. Heh heh. 

The Art of the Steal Trailer - never even heard of it. Can't tell if it's been delayed or went straight to DVD. Looks like a comedic version of Ocean's Eleven. Heh heh

Transformers 4 The Age Of Extinction Trailer - A dragon transformer? Oooo!

Social Media/Author Platform

Linked-In Member Blocking: This Week In Social Media at the Social Media Examiner. Article by Cindy King.

That "Friend Zone" Bullshit from Chuck (NSFW) Wending. It includes a nice excerpt from one of his books, which so totally nails the point. lol. (Please take the NSFW part seriously!)

Writing Advice

From Kristen Lamb - Is You Subconscious Mind Setting You Up For Failure? Very interesting post!

How Can We Identify a Good Editor? by Jami Gold -  a MUST READ. The line she highlights is probably the most important one. And even small publishers run into people like this. (Have been doing editing sessions with one of my publishers the last few weeks and it truly is humbling to see all the red, but I am so grateful for it! I apologized for making her work so hard, but she said I was easy, especially compared to some of the authors who fight her over every word. Eek!)

Stay warm all!

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