Sunday, February 02, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored 2/2/14

Morning all!
Good news - Figured out how to fix the pic taking for Dishonored again. Yay!

Bad News - Hubby got hacked on swtor though. :( And even though he had all the 5 questions and answers, they were demanding a copy of his driver's license to give him his account back. Uh, no! That's what the bloody 5 questions are for! So his account is now gone. I'll be on swtor alone. He was very upset.

Master Assassin
Section 2

Discovered Delilah is a ship and also a person. (The ship was named after her.) She was an artist, and she worked for a specific man. His sister has given me info on where to find him. (Extreme sibling issues here.)
Electric train tracks. I'l be steering away from them after the last time. Hah!

It feels so good to take pics again!

I so wanted to teleport to the corner on the left! Not sure ot my range being so short now. 

The guy there...he's whizzing in the corner. Yes, whizzing! You can even see the stream if you click for the bigger pic. lol

No insanity here. No, sir.

Have to love the rooftops, you know?

More Good News!  (Shameless promo plug so you can ignore reading it!) "Inner Demons", my urban fantasy through Mundania Press, is out! Kindle and Nook as well as other ebook formats are available as well as in trade paperback. Available at the publishers website and elsewhere (though the paperback is taking longer to file through. Sample chapters can be found here.

Stay dry and warm today!

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