Monday, February 03, 2014

Mind Sieve 2/3/14

How does this Monday morning find you? Wet, snowed in, iced over? Brrrr.

Fan Fun

The Zero Theorem Trailer - looks mental, but fun!

Maleficent Official Trailer #2 - this just keeps looking better and better!!! brought this great commercial of bad guys to my attention. Had to share! Jaguar 2014

The Bag Man Official Trailer #1 - what a mess. Heh heh

The Pretty One Trailer - cute and sad. 

Social Media/Author Platform

Facebook Paper App: This Week in Social Media by Cindy King at SocialMedia Examiner. Not really clear on how it works?

How to Analyze Your Social Media Activity with Excel by Merlin U Ward at SocialMedia Examiner. Another time sink! The hardest thing to master is weighing time vs. advantage. I just don't know.

Writing Advice

The Devil's in the Details - Taking Your Fiction to a Higher Level by Kristen Lamb. And like she says, there can be TOO MUCH detail. So you have to figure out how much is just right. :)

In Defense of Pantsing by Jami Gold - sell it sister!

Till next time!

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