Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 4/24/13

Show me the pretty!

Discovered a way too cool board at Pinterest being compiled by Naomi Mendez. It was almost too much awesome!  Here are a few of the choices there.

Kluane National Park - photo by Remi Boucher. He's for lots of other awesome stuff at his site!

Came originally from 500px - but could not find the exact pic to find the photographer. :(

Love the look - almost like it's textured art. Photo is by Micche.

That made me drift to Koji Ikuta's boards!

More awesome looking texture - except this one is a fungus. Eek! Photo by Warren Krupsaw.

Photo by Alex Mustard. Unknown species of water want?

Ack, gotta go! Have an awesome Wednesday!

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