Monday, April 22, 2013

MInd Sieve 4/22/13

Good morning!

R.I.P.D. Trailer - this looks like it will be a ton of fun! Hee hee!

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer 3 - starts out like some of the other trailers but it's new! Wait till you see the BIG SHIP! Holly molly!

Black Sails - a pirate show! Ooooo!

Screen Grab a New Simon's Cat! Woot!

Berlin - 12 Cellos and a Foot Drum from the Piano Guys. Love their work!

Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Are The Best Drugs! from James J Murray. No more guilt! :P

Ask Jami: WordPress Questions and Answer post by Jami Gold. She has classes too!

Facebook Adds Feelings and Actions: This Week in Social Media from Social Media Examiner.

Readers Owe Writers Approximately Zip Nada Zero from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. He's totally right. I figure anyone who takes the plunge and takes the time to read one of my books or stories has already done a lot! Going any further is the reader being super awesome, but not in any way expected. :)

Humor is Everywhere - The Art of Being Funny - guest post by Leanne Shirtliffe at Kristen Lamb's Blog.

A bunch more entries to other blog posts can be found at Writing Resources 20 April 2013 at Gene Lempp's blog. (I've no idea how he finds the time! Eek!)

Have an awesome week!

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