Sunday, April 21, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Angry Birds Star Wars and Star Wars The Old Republic 4/21/13


Angry Birds Star Wars
Asteroid Field

On this screen you can make the stalactites fall! Hee hee.



Ah yes, Dagobah...!

The piggies all look like wrapped mummies. Heh heh.

Yoda always hides somewhere on the pic.

You have to get rid of fake Vader to make the things he's holding up fall.

This one was truly evil, ingenious, and awesome! Took me a few minutes to realize what to do. Luke has to fly in time to reach the laser bolts then use his lightsaber to reflect them up at the pigs. Loved it!

New Bonus screen!

More weird gravity calisthenics. Hee!

Added a couple more characters to the sheet! Woot!

Star Wars The Old Republic
Jedi Consular

Picked up something nifty! Holographic instructors. Will prove useful as it's not always easy to find a teacher for new skills!

New pets! Far as I can tell, this little bugger has no real head or eyes. 

Hubby got another pet in a pack he brought with our included Cartel money.

One of the loose animals from the Corellian Zoo.

The Corellian Republic Museum currently occupied by the Empire.

The museum has not fared well. 

One of the few things intact there.

Made me think of the Twin Towers.

Off to a new section of the world. Whee!

May your Sunday be full of awesome discoveries!

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