Sunday, December 23, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored and Star Wars The Old Republic 12/23/12

Holidays are about to pounce! Eek!

Making more progress!

View of the Library in Campbell's building.

Statue of the man himself! Ugly cuss, isn't he?

One of several long hallways. Luckily, I've been able to render unconscious most of the guards in this area leaving it free of interruption as I move on. Hee!

Had at least one other pic, but it didn't save correctly. Boo! (PC's been acting a little weird lately. Really hoping it is not a sign of things to come. Noooo!)

Star Wars The Old Republic
Jedi Consular

Trying to capture a pic of the free fireworks we got for the holidays.

Not doing too good at this...

There we go!

I loved the funky almost skull like light fixtures. Hubby's chara is on the left.

Weird tripod lookout station

This one almost looked like it was climbing the hill.

Cyborg nastiness.

Betrayal is such a bitter thing...

Now that's some big missiles! 

The doc is sneaking into the pics again. Come on, dude!

A definite camera hog. For shame. 

Saw a Voss on Coruscant as hubby did some deliveries as payment.

New world! Hello, Corellia! Looking forward to seeing what you have to show. Woot!

Hope you all have a great day!

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