Monday, December 24, 2012

Mind Sieve 12/24/12

Woot! Holidays! (Because there will be much suffering at work once the new year hits. Need to milk these last few days off now! :P)

Woot! New Ghibli films next year and one is Miyazaki's!  Sweet! Article about the news at

The Great Gatsby Trailer. Oooo!

Pacific Rim Official Trailer - Monsters and Mechs! Woot!

G I Joe Retaliation Trailer 3 - some new scenes in this one. Go Joe!

Bwahahaha! Smurfs 2 Trailer (Still haven't seen #1 eek!)

From the Social Media Examiner - Facebook Enhances Controls (And more!)

Social Media Overload: How Do Authors Reach Readers? Advice From Best Selling Author Roni Loren at Anna R Allen's Blog. (Great post!)

Physical Attributes Entry: Noses by Becca Puglisi  from The Bookshelf Muse.

Whoever Told You Editing Was Easy is Nuts from the Behler Blog. (Great stuff!)

May you and yours have a fantastic holiday season!

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