Sunday, May 06, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 5/6/12

Let's see what weird stuff I took virtual pics of this week.

On the Republic side we have Quesh:

Imperial outpost.

Super big robot. We were not expecting him!

I swear safety is not a concern in the Galaxy. All these open conduits. hee!

Quesh has such a unique look. Beautiful in it's putrid/poisonous state

Giant drill. Hubby felt it was important I take a pic of it. Like I need encouragement! Heh

Look at those mined cliffs!

Bad things have happened here.

Another drill, but a better view of the blade at work.

Such funky plants here.

Rather imposing, no?

Remnants of a better time. Once I noticed one, I saw them everywhere. Sad really. 

Factory complex.

Loved the Trandoshan and his outfit. (Trevor, just for you!)

Look at that sky! It's almost on fire.

Beasties of Quesh

Cool texture for this elevator shaft.

Giant, nasty bomb. 

Now to Imperial Tatooine:

Krayt Dragon skull and bones.

Nothing compared to its ancestors.

Giant swamp rats. Ugh

Found this lady giving private dance lessons to a gentleman in a corner.

Bad attitude for sure.

First time I've seen a ship with personal markings. Liked it!

Mandalorean in full armor.

New hat piece for my companion. Ugliest thing EVER!

He smashes with his fists. But not anymore.

A typical scene of the Empire keeping peace in the universe.

Never noticed this cool statue before. Also note the trees we've imported as Tatooine doesn't have these. Makes it 10 degrees cooler just seeing them there. :P

I believe this is either for an ATM machine or gambling kiosks. Found them once I went farther into the station. These were by the main entrance.

Has a feel of Japan's Sons of the Sun to it, doesn't it? 

Imperial Fleet

The Light Side vendor area is almost like a temple. Hmm.

The Dark Side area even more so! lol

More space mission shots. Can't get rid of the UI, fight, and take pics at the same time though. lol.

This place makes you wish for Dramamine super fast. :P

No Minecraft this week, sorry! 


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