Monday, May 07, 2012

Mind Sieve 5/7/12


From the Huffington Post - Cute or Creepy? 9 Animals Which Could Be Aliens. Eek!

Solar Cells Must Emit Light To Attain Perfection, Research Suggests - article by James Holloway. Not the first thing I've heard of that must go counter intuitive in order to work.

Cool Kickstarter Project Called Steampunk Holmes. They've reached their goal, but got excited just watching their video. This could be a lot of fun! 

Birth to 12 Years in 2 Minutes and 45 Seconds from Hosmeester. Fascinating to watch her age through the years. 

Storm Trooper Shuffle - Star Wars Parody (Everyday I'm Shuffling) by Scifi

NASA - Rubber Chicken (Camilla) Flies Into Solar Radiation Storm. (I met her! I've met Camilla! I have a pic of her in a Steampunk outfit! lol).

Designing From Bones - Heaven's Monasteries from Gene Lempp. So want to visit that place! 

Author Blogging 101: Listening by Joel Friendlander. Definite food for thought!

A Conversation over at Chuck (NSFW) Wendig's Terribleminds - "Let's Discuss The Nature Of Book Promotion" - comments galore.

The One Thing You Should Do To Sell More Books by Nick Thacker. (I need clones! Clones, I tell you!

Tips For Critiquing Other Wirters' Work by Melissa Donovan. Great advice!

From Jami Gold - What Does "Writing Is Subjective" Mean? Some definite wisdom here! Tell it, sistah!

And more Jami Gold - Why Does Feedback Hurt So Much? (Even without the "I suck" factor it can hurt. lol. The better I feel about a story, the more I know it's going to get blasted! Heh heh heh.)

Have a great week everyone!

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