Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 5/2/12 - The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Edition

Prepare to feast on GREEN! My father and I went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I put a taste of all we saw in Pinterest, but for the blog, you get the flood. I made some short movies too, but those I will use later. Bwahahahaha!

Statues in front of the main building

Main building area

The gardens!

This was the day I found out my dad is a Squirrel Whisperer! o.O

Loved these little waterfalls. With the water restrictions several water bits were off, but the ones that were on were gorgeous.

There were a lot of butterflies, but they did tend to be camera shy for some reason. (Or my timing was the pits. :P)

Big open field to let the kids run wild! Hee!

Magnolias! Which I keep confusing with Gardenias, which are the true flower that is my hubby's favorite. (Wife fail!)

Loved all the arches placed in a straight line. Gives you that endless hallway effect. :)

Far side of the rose garden area. We'd missed a lot of blooms, but there were still plenty floweting

These were such a strange color.

Not Cannibus. Though many jokes occurred because of these. Heh heh.

Loved the vibrant red!

Outside the Japanese Garden area.

The cactus zone was in a corner. Nice little spot. Even weirder cacti in the greenhouse beside it.

These looked so funky. Loved them!

Texas Skies! You knew I'd sneak some of that in. Heh heh

This one screamed Fly to me. 'Help meeeee. Heeeelp meeeee." (Vague reference anyone?) :P

Japanese Garden gift shop.

With the water on, I bet this looks awesome!

This place so awesomely tranquil.

Texas skies!!!!!

Japanese Rock Garden

Aren't these funky?

The main water area had a ton of koi.

Funky drinking fountain. Made me think of the cacti with funky eyes and arms the Japanese use in games.

Bwahahahahaha!  And I did take some pics out. But this should keep your eyes full for a while. :P

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