Monday, April 30, 2012

Mind Sieve 4/30/12

It's Monday!!!! (Yeah, I know. Sad news. Let us mourn for a moment.) :P

Saw this trailer at the theater. Looks Awesome!!! Loopers a time travel tale. Hee!

Just when you thought they couldn't cram more testosterone - Expendables 2. Chck Norris! Van Damme! Schwarzenegger! Dang!

Cosmopolis - looks funky! Lots of great actors in it. Wonder if it will be a modern interpretation of Metropolis?

From the History Blog - Lost Portrait of Cross-dressing Chevalier d'Eon Found. The Chevalier's story is fascinating!

Weyland Industries has posted a video of David 8. Disturbing. Heh heh heh. The whole site is fascinating. Ties to the movie Prometheus.

Designing From Bones - Troglodyte Housing from Gene Lempp. So that's where Tatooine got their home styles from. Heh~!

Picture Perfect - The Importance of Images in Social Media Marketing. This is for companies, but the facts still work for us author types.

What Publishers Do That Authors Can't from Books & Such Literary Agency. Gives one hope! :)

Jeff Goins - One Sure Sign You're A Professional.

Chuck (NSFW) Wendig discusses his writing journey in 25 Things I Learned While Writing Blackbirds.

10 Ways To Boost Your Odds Of An Acceptance from Write It Sideways.

Prepping For The Publishing Doomsday more wise words from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig.

The Key Ingredient For Dramatic Tension - Understanding the Antagonist from Kristen Lamb.

Till next time! Have a great week!

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