Monday, March 05, 2012

Mind Sieve 3/5/12

And off we go!

Humboldt Squid's Impressive Dives from BBC News. Cool info!

New MIB 3 Poster story from Total Film.

See Otherland's Lambda Mall In New Developer Video -  story by Jef Reahard. Just looks cooler and cooler!

Medieval Mondays - Viking Trading Ships by A J Walker. Interesting info! 

More Star Trek 2 Images Online from Total Films. Story by George Wales. Wait a minute! Benedict Cumberbatch is in Star Trek 2?!?!?!  Woot!!!!!

From the History Blog - Viking Sword Found In Norway During Construction. And we get some historical stories to boot! 

Encasing The Magna Carta from the History Blog. Utterly fascinating videos and info on preserving the Magna Carta copy we have here in the states. (Yes, I like weird stuff! It's a thing. ;P)

Shadows - Lindsey Stirling. Nice music and cute shadow games. 

Ultimate Ping Pong from GakAttack. Too fun!

Beautiful Time Lapse Of The Milky Way, Auroras, and Shooting Stars - article from Peta Pixel and Michael Zhang. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! 

13 Ways To Impress An Agent by Rachelle Gardner. Yay - hints!!!! (Chocolate should probably wait till they ask to see the full the manuscript. Heh heh heh.)

Amazon - Beware Of Greek Bearing Gifts from Kristen Lamb. Much food for thought! Scary food for thought. lol.

How Do Readers Find Your Books On Goodreads? by Tamara Ward.

25 Ways To UnF*** Your Story from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. :P Hey, he speaks good truth, even if he's a little colorful. heh heh.

The Failure Of The Gatekeepers by Paul Biba. Another interesting article that is also depressing. lol. This industry is so hard!

What Finding Nemo Can Teach Us About Story Action from Kriten Lamb. Super insightful stuff!

Okay, I'm done in. That's it for this round. Enjoy!

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