Sunday, March 04, 2012

Virtual Tourist - SWTOR and Minecraft 3/4/12

And they say playing games isn't good for you. Bwahahahahahahaha~!

In a weird coincidental turn, BOTH of my characters are now currently at Nar Shadda despite the fact they're 11 levels apart. How's that for a weird coincidence? :)

First part is from the imperial section.

Love all the holographic neon of this place. 

Lights so bright you almost can't see the world above.

A nice imperial prison area.

We really do have some of the best uniforms. Heh heh.

Loved how expansive this area was and all the giant tubing for the world's infrastructure.

Now to the higher level Republic side.

And we found another holocron! X 1954 Y 3272 Z -1951 And for the first time we got it! Nasty bugger. You have to find a way to a higher floor then take a teleporter into an incinerator room. Then run through the flames to the other side! Cunning +3. Woot!

Some nasty armaments.

Super boss at the back. With only two of us, we made sure to steer clear. Heh heh.

Love love love these holographic trees. And in this instance with real plants! lol.

Super cybernetic enhanced fighters in a glass jar, being made ready for combat. They didn't like being woken up one bit! Hah!

Now for some Minecraft.

The guys have been very busy. Pbfubar has worked up a jungle estate. Jungles are new to the game and I must say pretty spiffy.

Keep expecting Ewoks to show. :P

Totally awesome we can climb vines now.

Perelay has a wheat harvesting system for his fields.

Water washes everything down. Unfortunately, he hit both water levers and the lag was horrid. The pics for the rest of the process didn't take. 

This is Perelay's pumpkin and watermelon patch. He's also got an automated system for harvesting this too. Piston rather than water based.

Pretty spiffy. Sadly everyone wants to show off what they've done since I was last on, which means my road building efforts suffer terribly each time. lol.

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