Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/7/12

Let's feed them eyes!

A syrupy sun! We don't get those normally around here.

This was also very unusual. Finger like clouds. And perfectly aligned too. In the evening there was a cool optical illusion with the sun and the clouds which made it seem as if we were on Tattoine - two suns! But didn't get to a stop point until it went past. :(

Very feathery cloud formations, which is also not the usual around here.

The flowering trees were too gorgeous to ignore!

From Jem Salmon comes Up River. Like the mist like quality of this.

Skull Faced Photography by Carsten Witte. Weird stuff! Heh

From NASA - Eastern Seaboard At Night from ISS.

Bizarre Photos of Stuffed Animals Turned Inside-Out from PetaPixel. This teddy reminds me of the one in Bleach. And that poor guy would get turned inside out. :P

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