Monday, February 20, 2012

Mind Sieve 2/20/12

Monday, Monday!

Totally bizarre - Nick Cave's 'Soundsuit' Exhibit. From the Art Beast.

Thriller Thursday: The Mask of Sanity blog post by Stacy Green. Some real interesting murderers in this one.

Mythos Monday: That Voodoo That You Do blog post by Shea MacLeod - nice encapsulation of Vodun and the lie that is Hollywood Voodoo.

How a NASA Discovery Could Launch a Coup in the Pharmaceutical Industry by Justin Fritz. This is like super cool! Biocapsules! Carbon Nanotubes! Woot!

From Tim Burton - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I am SO there! They had me at Tim Burton. lol.

Branded: The Importance of Being Self-Aware by Clayton Smith. While here they're talking about companies, it is still quite thought provoking for us little guys. Not sure how you go about becoming Self-Aware though. (And do I REALLY want to know? Eek!) :P

Do You Know What Business You're In? by Rachelle Gardner. Cool post on questions authors, publishers, and agents should be asking themselves in these changing times.

5 Promises You Make To Your Reader from Do-It-Yourself Degree In Creative Writing. 

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig - 25 Things You Should Know About Protagonists.

Mining For Character Emotions by Sharla Rae. Good stuff!

Bring Back That Loving Feeling - What To Do When You Feel Burned Out by Kristen Lamb. Good advice ya'll!

And that's a wrap! Have an awesome week!

P.S. Since Zumaya Publications is having their Kindle Thriller Sale, my novel Vassal of El is still on for only $2.99! Just FYI! :P

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