Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 7/13/11

Pics time!

Petapixel shared this article on "Monkey Hijacks Photographer's Camera and Takes Self Portrait."  It's too funy. And they got some decent pics in too. Check them out! Here's a peek.

Let's play spot the sun! Hee! Texas skies are always changing. This is puffy sheep Texas sky. :)

Tried a new restaurant this weekend called Mojitos. Cuban and Caribbean food. Very similar to Caribbean Cafe.

John had Bistec Encebollado. They call it something else but I grew up with this name and can't recall theirs. (Doh!) Steak and onions, premixed black beans and rice, tomatoes, and friend plantains.

Forgot to take a picture of mine before I mixed it with white rice. It's called Picadillo. Sadly the cook forgot to mix in the potatoes. :(

Chuck Wendig shared this cute baby picture he took - Happy Baby Is Happy.  Personally? I swear Baby knows something and is giggling as he wallows in the reaction Daddy will have once it's discovered. Bwahahahahahaha~! (See, he almost has his picky up on his little fist. We'd best keep an eye on this one!) Heh heh

Douglas H Wheelock shared this amazing picture of Atlantis on the Move. You can see the shockwaves. Totally awesome! More info at the site.

Jerry J Davis took this adorable kitty pic entitled Mao?

Steve Wedel shared this link for some amazing photos on the Phoenix dust storm. Some just look bloody scary!

Some really interesting pics out this past week!  Enjoy!

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