Sunday, January 27, 2019

Virtual Tourist - GRIS 1/27/19

It feels like forever since I've done a post. To say 2019 has so far been an insane roller coaster ride is an understatement. Between gallbladder surgery, year-end/ at work, the audit, some medical scares with hubby, and more, my tray has been more than filled. I am ready for things to slow down!
I did get a steam card for Christmas, so I bought several games to keep me occupied. GRIS is a platform game in 2D with lovely visuals, many giving a 3D impressions. It's filled with puzzles and colorful changing vistas and no words. One neat thing about the game (aside from its evil imagination and lovely presentation) is how things that are a hindrance in some sections you end up having to use to help you finish puzzles!


GRIS beginning
You begin the game just as you see above. No explanations.
GRIS landscape
You wander through a desolate landscape.
GRIS flying creature
Loads of interesting fauna and flora.
GRIS discovering RED
Once you find some stars and are able to follow the path, you will discover the color red.
You find yourself in a harsh and angry land. Yet one still filled with beauty.
GRIS columns
Neat formations can be found everywhere. The one constant in all the lands are the various statues of a woman crying.
GRIS duality
Neat images like this one abound.
GRIS weeping
Emotionally moving images abound.
GRIS discovering Green
Once you discover Green, the more colorful the world becomes. Each color discovered adds new depths to the surroundings.
GRIS spiritual bird
This large bird recurs many times and is one of the giant animals spurring the girl forward. It isn't always friendly.
The music in the game is also lovely. It enhances the mood and even hints at coming changes. A super imaginative game, leaving you stumbling around much as the main character is, yet with discovery and wonder around every corner.
I hope 2019 is treating you well!

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