Sunday, February 05, 2017

Virtual Tourist - The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 2/5/17

Touring an older game today - The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. I'd played the game after this one a year or two ago, so when it's predecessor came up on super sale on Steam, I couldn't resist. It's taken me a whole other year to get to play it! Gack!  
This is Sherlock. Currently at the house of a Marquis looking for a missing necklace. A simple case that ends up getting complicated after it's solved. Dum dum DUM!
The game has voice over and text. Plus each conversation is saved and can be looked at again if needed. I love all the awesome detail. :)
The game gives tips during this first crime, which is very nice! (Coolest aquarium ever right?)
So pretty!
And analyze you will!
Player Interface screen. It is currently showing the city map. You click on the round icon to choose to go there.
Watson is there as well. You sometimes get to move him around instead. And there's also Toby! Woot! (Something I loved from the previous game I played - you get to be the hound for a case! Heh heh)
Murder of the Bishop. The plot thickens!
Such lovely stained glass windows! And the solar is beyond the doors. 

Hope you have a productive Sunday!

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