Monday, February 06, 2017

Mind Sieve 2/6/17

Morning, all!
Well, looks like it will be another quick one this week. Sorry! 
If you're in Dallas/Ft Worth next weekend, make sure to check out ConDFW! First SF/F Convention for me for 2017! Lots of fun guests and peeps. This year's Guest of Honor is RACHEL CAINE!  Woot! 

Fan Fun

This was the intro cartoon for a recent animated film (Drawing a blank!) and is was so lifelike and so utterly ADORABLE! Ran across it and had to share! Piper from Disney Pixar.

Ghost in the Shell Super Bowl Spot Trailer + has new and old scenes. Saw the anime movie recently, the fight with the guy in the water came straight from it. Looking forward to this! 

This Beautiful Fantastic Official Trailer 1 - looks like it might be fun. :)

Have a great week!

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