Sunday, October 30, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 10/30/16

I was going to be merciful and put pics of one of the other games. But since the pics have only now reached the true play area in Deus Ex, I decided to torture you with it again anyway. :P
Game play is not strictly linear anymore. There are main story line missions, side missions, and points of interest missions. So you can do these in any order you choose for the most part. 
View from Jensen's apartment.
Jensen's living and dinning area. Loved the sunbeams!
Jensen's apartment building. Mostly Augs live here. Since the "incident" in the last game, anti aug sentiment has been extreme.
Some real nice detail added to most places. 
Courtyard of the apartment building. 
Young man I found in the sewer. He's been heavily mind controlled but escaped. Still hasn't quite been able to totally ditch the mind control and asks for help.
Out in the street. Place really has a lot of character!
Rather interesting wall sculptures, no? 
Theater in one of the basements in town.
Poster for A.R.C - entity fighting for rights for the augmented. There are a ton of ads and movie posters and other lovely details everywhere. 
Have a fabulous Sunday!

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