Monday, May 23, 2016

Mind Sieve 5/23/16

Had a website server fail on Sunday. Still not sure if it was me or my host. Had some new pics from a new game to share too. :( Still can't do posts from work, so schedule is super tight. Let's see how far I get! :P

Fan Fun

Star Trek Beyond Official Trailer 2 - looks fun! *fingerscrossed*

New Star Trek show teaser coming from CBS. But it's only going to be on paid access. :( (1 episode on regular free CBS TV to work us up. Boo!)

ICKERMAN Official Trailer - the visuals look super awesome! 

Social Media/Author Platform

14 Tools for Bloggers by David Sawyer at the SocialMedia Examiner.

Writing Advice

Character Dead-Ends by John Adamus - great things to keep in mind when writing characters. The WHY is important!

Have a good one!

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