Sunday, March 06, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Final Fantasy XIV 3/6/16

Final Fantasy XIV 
The main object of this test has arrived. He looks small from here - but wait!
My unwanted companion got his buns kicked. Looked way surprised when I stepped in on his behalf. :P
Now you can see the true size of this guy. That's little old me by his left nostril. Eek!
Outside the walls of the City of Ul'dah. Look at the size of those bees!
Train tunnel outside the city of Ul'dah
It's like Texas! Everything is bigger here. :P
Cutest little lookout tower ever!
Limsa Lominsa
And speaking of cute! Isn't she adorable? :)
View of Limsa Lominsa from outside the city. Honestly I love all three so much I could never pick a favorite. Which is good because you travel back and forth a lot! Heh heh.
Refugee camp outside of Ul'dah in Thanalan. I do try to put the pictures in order, so you can see how we do travel back and forth from zone to zone a lot! :P
Quaint train station outpost outside the city if Ul'dah.
Secluded church and cemetery in Thanalan.
Was so surprised to see this I forgot to take off the IU (Again!) These weird rock formations are here and there. And they all glow at night!
Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

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