Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/2/16

Sharing my own stuff this week. :)
Is this not the cutest thing ever? So cute!

Sunrise season is back!
Another odd unintended effect that came out looking neat! (And it looks like I have myself on square setting. DOH)
Looks very sharp?
Very unusual clouds on this day. Almost looks like chainmail! 
Gorgeous blooms, but they go so quickly! Glad I caught them this year. :)
Hit the jackpot this morning! Look at those colors! 
Works even better when I'm not in the car. :P Aren't those purples lovely?
Softer hues on the left side. :)
More pics in the album, if you want to see more. Feel free to comment or add a rating. 
Have an awesome day!

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