Sunday, February 07, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Final Fantasy XIV 2/7/16

Complications and complications! I don't think the world can exist without them, do you? :P DOH!
Final Fantasy XIV
Player Housing in Ul'dah
Outside the player housing zone. 
Different angle shot. You can see some of the Halloween decorations on the right. :)
Isn't that a lovely pond? Nice!
The facade of one of the homes.
A Shrine to their sweetheart?
What awesome detail. Look at all the engravings! Sweet!
Totally love the look of this rise. The weird purple ring is our current objective.
Kikipu a merchant in need!
View of Ul'dah from outside the city. Lovely!
Copperbell Mines
Copperbell Mines Dungeon intro! Convoluted place.
Oh yeah!
Hope you have an awesome day!
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