Sunday, January 24, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Final Fantasy XIV 1/24/16

Running late today. Overslept. Doh!
Also with the new year the pics got out of order in the folder, so I ended up jumping ahead.
Hope these are not signs of how the day is going to go!

Final Fantasy XIV

New Gridania

Small waterfall in New Gridania. Sadly not the lookout spot for the log. Have had no luck finding one yet!

Central Shroud

Adorable cottage, is it not?

Gorgeous glowing flowers. You can also see some funky dino like creatures running in the back

This is a Halitostroper - EEK!

South Shroud
Camp Tranquil and Roots Lake

Lovely sunrise!

Center of Camp Tranquil. 

View of funky formations in Root Lake as well as more gorgeous flowers!

Vistas around Camp Tranquil

Roots Lake

View from Camp Tranquil's other side. :)

May your day be a restful and tranquil one! :)

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