Sunday, December 27, 2015

Virtual Tourist 12/27/15 - Final Fantasy XIV

The morning before having to go back to work. Noooo!

Final Fantasy XIV

Exterior shot of the city of Ul'dah

Entry back into the city.

Nearby environs to Ul'dah. Mining and blacksmithing can be learned in this city.

Small outpost just outside the city

Inside the city

They had some neat decorations for Halloween

Creepy, no?

Taking the airship

Golden Saucer

Heading to the Golden Saucer

The Golden Saucer is a place full of mini games where players can go to do something different.

You can get tickets from winning, which you then use to buy things.

Super colorful. 

Strength game

Just like being in Vegas. lol.

Have a restful day!

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