Monday, December 28, 2015

Mind Sieve 12/28/15

Monday is here! Boo!

Fan Fun

Snow Cat - too cute!

Deadpool Red Band Trailer #2 (Not for the kiddos!)

Storks Official Teaser Trailer - this looks like it will be too cute! heh heh

Social Media/Author Platform

Facebook Takes on Yelp With New Service: This Week in Social Media by Grace Duffy at the Social Media Examiner. Lots and lots of changes going on. Ugh!

3 Essential Tips to Running Your Own Blog Tour [Updated] by Beth Barany at Writer's Fun Zone.

Writing Advice

Does Our Story Have Everything It Needs? by Jami Gold. Great points on her list! :)

FiYoShiMo Day 23 – Worldbuilding and Characters by John Adamus at The Writer Next Door.

Have a great week! 2015 is about over. Eek!

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