Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Picture Kaleidoscope 11/11/15

Torturing you today with some of my own pics. :P

We had a ton of clouds for several days. 

Found an App called Word Swag that lets you add words to your pics on your phone. It does add something, doesn't it?

Some really neat light filtering through the tree but capturing it on a photo proved elusive. :(

A lot of fascinating cloud formations and layers. So many I was not able to capture and share. Boo!

Killer orchids! 

See what I mean about cool skies?

Playing with Word Swag again. Really had meant to put I'm Bat Witch but... heh heh. When did I get that extra chin?!?! (This was my costume for Halloween at the office.) :)

More Word Swag - Orchids are scary. lol

The end of the day.

The rain finally left us...

Hah! Got the sun and a star! Hah! (I just noticed that! lol) Could be a plan or a UFO too! Sweet!

And the day is done.

Have a great one!

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