Sunday, October 11, 2015

Virtual Tourist - Final Fantasy XIV 10/11/15

I was going to give you all a break and put up another game's pics then changed my mind. Heh heh heh. I'll switch it up next week...? :P

Final Fantasy XIV
Player Housing Zone

Took a boat to the fields where Adventurers and Free Companies (guilds) can buy housing. Here's a fountain and lawn prop we saw there

Don't know much about how the system works but isn't the Sakura tree gorgeous?

Randomly went into a couple of homes. Look at the awesome bookshelves!

Such cool and weird stuff!

Hot tub anyone?

View from the street

Another home front


That's slightly disturbing. lol. 

New Gridania

Adventurer's Guild Head and mother influence. :)

About to embark to another city. Latest armor. :)

Nice suit of armor dude!

Head of the Archery Guild. 

Is this a gorgeous field or what?

Hope you're weekend has been fab!

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