Sunday, September 20, 2015

Virtual Tourist - Final Fantasy XIV 9/20/15


Final Fantasy XIV
New/Old Gridania and Central Shroud

This is like a shopping mall of sorts. Tons of independent vendors and access to the trade board/

The outside of the Lancers Guild - Guilds here mean professions. Your player guilds are called Free Companies

Lance Master giving me instruction.

All the buildings are just so cute!!

Central Shroud - That's a forest guardian. Really neat looking. Normally not aggro, but later on...

Side shot of the Inn/Meeting hall. So pretty!

Lovely no?

Giant face mask in the Lancers Guild.

Lovely night sky!

Chocobo farm in Bentbrook (I think that's the name)

Things that need killing. lol. :)

My second set of armor. Kind of nice hot having every inch of skin showing like in some other games. :)

Nightime in Gridania

Really love this place

Chocobo rental spot. You can't use it till level 15 or so. Cheaper than teleporing and they play a Bonanza style song, which cracked me up!

Main storyline film. Trying to find a masked stranger causing trouble by going to the old stump.

These two adventurers keep popping up in my life. They're investigating odd phenomena due to energy surges.

The disruption has just made the nice treant go mad. 

No idea about this - yet look at the detail! lol. I think I wasn't fast enough with the trigger pic finger. :P

Things are happening!

Yes, I've been going a little photo crazy. DOH!

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