Sunday, August 30, 2015

Virtual Tourist - Skyrim 8/30/15

Happy Sunday!

Ivarsread - tombs

Ivasread is a super small town - 3 buildings! But they live right next to a tomb/crypt system. This table with embalming tools is on the top floor. 

An amazingly fancy and still very shiny door

Does not inspire confidence, does it?

The man aka "ghost" responsible for all the recent fear in town. He invented a potion that made him appear insubstantial. From his journal, he's been slowly losing his mind here for the last 6 months searching for a ruby claw. (I didn't find it either before bad luck happened to me....)

Fancier set of doors - when opened shooting flames of fire came out! If I'd been in a hurry, I would have been barbequed! (You can see some of the fire in the pic!)

Where the flames came from. Nasty! Whole place had trap zones. Eek!

A carved mural in the main crypt room

A second one. Rather detailed, no?


I made the mistake of trying to pick a lock in the 3 building town...Got grabbed and sent to who knows where for the second time. Argh! Peeps currently in power.

Is that or is that not the most angry (and weird looking) walrus ever?

Loved the stone covered walkway

First look at the town proper. Below is another level with docks in the water. So this part of the city would be considered elevated?

May your day be full of awesomeness!

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