Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Picture Kaleidoscope 7/8/15

No Monday post...
Had computer drive issues over the weekend. :(
Got a new drive with RAID but now have to baby the other to get the files on it off and hope it doesn't go totally belly up before I do. Eek!

Anyway, some pics!

The canals at Las Colinas.

Some lovely European style buildings there.

The sky is ever changing

I'm always trying for that sun through the trees look. lol.

Some beautiful and colorful flowers. Saw these a lot as a kid

This one looks like I've done something to it, doesn't it? But I didn't. Came out weird all on its own. Heh heh

The sushi chef at Wasabi and Wok went all out this day. It was so adorable!!!

Weird lamp - but the layered things looked interesting.

It allowed for a weird photo like this one. :)

 Have an awesome day!

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