Sunday, May 24, 2015

Virtual Tourist 5/24/15

Tons of rain last night. We've not had this much rain in years! Maybe ever?


Enchanting and potion making tables in the Jarl castle.

One of the temples in town. You can get blessings there.

No idea if that's a true representation of the deity or what. Hard to even say what it is!

Altar at the death deity's temple. Also got to go down in a mini dungeon adventure here. :)

Look at that sky. They do some awesome work in that regard.

The snow glows! How cool is that?

Bleak Falls Barrow

Rather extensive place with all sorts of trouble hiding inside.

Bandits have taken over the immediate interior

Giants roots everywhere. 

First puzzle area.

Yes, lots and lots of cobwebs in this parts.

Creepy as all get out, no? The dude in the webbing at the back is alive! 

Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend or just an awesome weekend for those of you not in the US!

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