Monday, April 13, 2015

Mind Sieve 4/13/15

Morning all~!

Fan Fun

Barely Lethal Trailer - OMG! This looks awesome! ROFL!

Daredevil Trailer 2 - this is already in Netflix as it is one of those "made only for" shows - and it is FAB!  So if you have Netflix, I highly recommend this one. Been a lot of fun so far. 

Survivor Official International Trailer #1 - Brosnan as a bad GUY! Woot!

Social Media/Author Platform

Pen Names - Necessary Evil or Ticket to Crazyville? by Kristen Lamb. Some great arguments here. So much of the landscape is changing you just can't assume the old ways are still good.

Writing Advice

Are Drowning in To Do Lists? from Jami Gold. Good advice!

Out of time! Enjoy the week all!

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